About the painting

Painting is a journey on the borderline of light and shade, between transparent and inner thoughts, grand and giddy, logic and unreasoned.

Painting is a hankering for expression of something via wordless means. Long ago Plato insisted that true artist has to keep silence. The feature of painting is in its dual condition: ambition to express something and determination to keep silence. That’s why painting starts to perform its communicative function when abilities of language are exhausted. It’s like a tight spring ready to break through the silence to call for perception of inexpressible.

Suddenness that happens when work appears to our vision makes painting the most secret form of the art. The facility of work perception admits no any efforts of an audience. Painting consists of essential contrarieties between obvious- image and lurking – the mean of image. We shall expect no spontaneous understanding of image’s idea. The charm of painting is in its ability to be impenetrable and everlasting hieroglyph.

Painting is expression of inexpressible, when deep-hidden things break through fade reality making simple things become great ones. In Borgese’s story “the garden of forking paths “ there is a phrase: “which word is never mentioned in the riddle? Key”.  Revelation is a riddle, paradox. It’s always on a border of something unaccountable. In Greek, paradox means something existing beyond the knowledge.

The more we know, the longer the border with what we don’t know, Zenon sad.

The language of art is an image, and there can be no explanatory card or art-critic at every work to describe the picture. Catching a detail of reality, an artist puts it within a scope but in such a way that this detail acting like a gust opening a window to incomparably wider reality. An image needs to suck an audience like into the maelstrom, as Rembrandts’ works do. The dark background of his paintings is not the paint any more, it’s a depth you are falling in when start looking at the work. Probably it was not always clear for Rembrandt what beyond is, but he apprehended there is something incredible.