Exhibition at Rakov Gallery (St. Petersburg)

22 my works are now presented in the exposition of the St. Petersburg Gallery "Rakov Gallery". Rakovgallery is a network of art galleries created by the brothers Igor and Alexei Rakov in 2011. The first gallery was opened in Ekaterinburg as a space for the realization of the creative ideas of modern Ural artists. Now Rakovgallery is working in St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Moscow and Perm. The gallery specializes in the art of Russian contemporary artists. The collection is the works of Vladimir Kirillov, Olga Suvorova, Anna Berezovskaya, Evgenia Guselnikov, Ilya Khokhrin, Alexander Saidov, Alexander Grekov and others.
Rakovgallery St. Petersburg site - https://spb.rakovgallery.ru/