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The main thing for an artist is to learn in a special way, to react in his own way to what surrounds him. After all, people often just do not see anything around them. Rather, they see, but do not feel with their eyes. Yes, we evaluate the situation, read the information, and at the same time always hurry, perceiving the world as a clip, a kaleidoscope of bright frames. And just slowing down this crazy rhythm, dissolving in the experience of the experienced moment, you can try to start to see in a different way. At the same time, you forget about yourself, or rather you begin to feel through the environment. It is necessary to enter into resonance with the surrounding, to feel its pulsation inside. This state describes splendidly Brodsky in his essay on Venice: "The eye in this city acquires independence, like a tear. He does not separate from the body, but completely subjugates him. " Sometimes this acclimatization takes a long time, sometimes it does not work at all. But when this short circuit occurs, you sink into the magical state of a thick, viscous pleasure full of life.